The Vareo Paves the Way for the Future


H. Heenemann in Berlin is increasingly producing jobs digitally and in shorter runs. As a Muller Martini Finishing 4.0 solution, the Vareo perfect binder is the ideal forward-looking solution for both market requirements.

Offset still accounts for 85 percent of the print volume at the long-standing company in the German capital. However, digital and offset jobs are set to be in balance by 2020 in the wake of the digital revolution that got underway four years ago. A glance at the number of titles shows that digital has already gained the upper hand. More targeted production necessarily leads to considerably smaller run sizes. The Vareo, which will be supplemented by an InfiniTrim three-knife trimmer in May, is the ideal solution because ultra-short runs call for a seamless Finishing 4.0 workflow.

From left to right: Managing Director Dirk Hentschler, machine operator Tim Fenner, and Hans Thomas (from Muller Martini Germany) in front of the new Vareo at H. Heenemann in Berlin.

“Production has to be integrated, as the strength of our family business is our ability to react quickly and flexibly to new challenges,” notes Dirk Hentschler. The managing director of H. Heenemann GmbH & Co. KG is delighted to be able to process both books of different thicknesses in runs of one copy and longer runs efficiently and to high quality standards using the new machines. “Digital jobs are increasingly taking the lead over offset jobs in terms of operating hours at the new Muller Martini perfect binder. “The Vareo and the InfiniTrim are an investment in the future,” emphasizes Dirk Hentschler.

The purchase of the Berlin-based company’s first digital sheet-fed offset printing press in 2013 marked a shift that resulted in entirely new business models. “Today we’re a consulting firm with an associated printing plant,” says Dirk Hentschler, summing up the change. The focus is now not just on offering customers print products, but on all-in-one solutions, including marketing campaigns, IT-based solutions for print products, personalization and an online shop, which enables the company to acquire jobs online in a cost-effective and smart manner.