The Alegro is the Solution for Greater Market Flexibility


To ensure it can react more flexibly to decreasing run sizes, Grafica Veneta has invested for the first time in a brand-new softcover system with shorter setup times.

Although the company, which is located in the northern Italian municipality of Trebaseleghe, is recording a steady increase in its printing volume and has generated annual growth of around 30 percent since 2013, one figure is slightly at odds with the general expansion trend – the number of copies per title is continuing to fall. However, Grafica Veneta’s management had an answer up its sleeve to that change on the market. By investing in a brand-new Alegro, the company in Veneto has radically reduced its setup times, while its three Corona and Bolero secondhand perfect binders continue to perform reliably alongside it.

The Alegro is Grafica Veneta’s first investment in a brand-new softcover system.

“The Alegro’s Motion Control Technology has a lot of advantages for us,” says Managing Director Giorgio Bertan, a trained engineer. “It’s extremely important to achieve a considerable decrease in make-ready times, especially for relatively short runs and reprints.” Besides the far shorter setup times, the extensive Alegro line with an endsheet feeder, a splitting saw, an Orbit three-knife trimmer, an Easy Fly front trimmer, a CB 18 book stacker and a Pluton palletizer offers another major benefit for the company. It is one of the first perfect binders installed by Muller Martini worldwide to have two spine gluing systems. That allows changing over extremely quickly between the two gluing systems, and, as an additional benefit, to apply cold glue and PUR in combination.