Andi Druk Invests in an Integrated Inline Canon/Muller Martini Digital System


Andi Druk, which is based in the Dutch town of Maastricht and specializes in the production of magazines, books, manuals and brochures, is investing in an integrated inline digital solution consisting of a Canon color printing press and three Muller Martini systems (a SigmaLine, a Vareo, and a Presto II Digital).

From the end of October, Andi Druk will use no fewer than three Muller Martini systems for the print finishing of products printed using an Océ ColorStream 3900 digital inkjet press (with four speed levels of 48/75/100/124 meters per minute), which was unveiled by Canon at drupa 2016. The inline solution is a world premiere in that configuration.
  • From the printing press, the paper web enters SigmaFolder I where it is processed into individual signatures.
  • Afterwards the folded signatures are gathered into book blocks in the SigmaCollator. The book blocks are then transported inline on a belt to the Vareo perfect binder with automatic loading, a PUR nozzle, glue application monitoring, barcode matching (to ensure the book block and cover match perfectly), and a cooling section, and then on to the Granit three-knife trimmer, which is likewise directly connected via a belt.
  • Alternatively, the paper web is processed into signatures in the SigmaFolder I and enters the Presto II Digital saddle stitcher, which is used exclusively for digitally printed products and features a cover feeder, via a cross carrier table and a processing folder.

The Andi Druk, MM and Canon teams set the seal on the investment in a cutting-edge integrated inline digital system consisting of an Océ ColorStream 3900, a SigmaLine, a Vareo, anda Presto II Digital.

Thanks to integration of the Connex data and process management systems, Muller Martini’s three systems ensures a seamless, touchless print finishing workflow that epitomizes Muller Martini’s key drupa topic of Finishing 4.0.

Andi Druk’s investment in the new digital production line is a response to rapidly changing customer needs. “Our customers are increasingly requiring short runs and different versions of the same titles. Our total print volume keeps on growing,” says Director Frits Keulen. To meet the new challenges, Andi Druk decided to collaborate with two strong, strategic partners to meet its printing and print finishing needs. “The innovative solution, combining the Océ ColorStream 3900 and the Muller Martini systems, will not only allow us to deliver personalized print products quickly and with a lean production process, but will also make us unique in the Netherlands and even the whole of Western Europe,” says Frits Keulen.

Andi Druk, which was founded over 90 years ago and employs 40 people, is one the largest printing plants in the Netherlands. It produces magazines, books, manuals and brochures for the government, the medical and healthcare sectors, educational institutions, a range of industrial sectors, and the art business.