Lots of Positive Customer Feedback at Muller Martini's Booth at drupa


"Futuristic" – "trend-setting" – "convincing":  Muller Martini's booth at drupa has not only be packed since the first day of the trade fair, the visitors from around the world are also in full of praise about how Muller Martini is presenting its key Finishing 4.0 topic.

Jin Hee Lee, Managing Director, I Am Book, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea: "The solutions presented at the Muller Martini booth have almost something futuristic about them. I'm impressed with how efficiently the sometimes complex products are made. The booth not only comes across as very professional, it also has a visitor-friendly design. Our company intends to expand from softcover to hardcover, which of course is why I was particularly interested in the Diamant MC Digital bookline. I could hardly believe my eyes because it's precisely the solution we're looking for."

Thijs Claes, CEO, Daddy Kate, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium: "Here at the Muller Martini booth, I witnessed how hybrid print products are created with open systems and great flexibility. That's precisely what the future will look like in our industry. The major challenge will be how the touchless workflow demonstrated by Muller Martini is implemented in day-to-day practice in a print finishing business. It will undoubtedly also take a change in thinking for many machine operators. They will have to think and work in an even more computer-driven instead of technology-driven manner in the future."

Jan-Markus Rüst, Foreman Druck & Carsten Frerichs, Head of Technical Service Department, SKN Druck u. Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Norden, Germany: "Our company is primarily active in the classic high-performance segment – both in saddle stitching and in the inserting of inserts. To guarantee our high output at all times, we naturally rely on a high level of availability of our systems. That's why servicing was the core topic for us at drupa. At the Muller Martini booth, we wanted to see what is new in terms of service, and the solutions presented convinced us. The virtual reality glasses MMSupport Glasses particularly impressed us. As regards support and troubleshooting, this is a valuable tool for us because we have competent operators on our machines."

Carl West, Production Head, Erritsø Tryk, Fredericia, Denmark: "As we are a newspaper producer, the topic of digital printing does not have the same relevance for our core business as for other graphic arts businesses, of course. But I'm convinced that digital will be the future for magazines and books. That's why it was interesting for us to see what solutions Muller Martini is presenting in this segment at its drupa booth. And I'm really impressed with how efficiently the saddle stitchers, perfect binders and booklines of Muller Martini produce ultra-short runs with the most varied formats and thicknesses seamlessly, without machine stops and without interventions of the operators."

Jenny Deinet, Tina Floder & Andreas Hoos, students at the Media University in Stuttgart, Germany: "The product range presented by Muller Martini at its booth is not only very varied, it also points precisely in the direction in which print is moving: customized, personalized print products that stand out in the market and address readers more directly while also making them more interesting for advertisers. That is precisely how print should be: attractive in order to compete with electronic media. Although Muller Martini is exhibiting many machines at its compact booth, it does not appear overloaded, but is arranged in a clear manner. We particularly liked the tower from where we got a bird's eye overview before we embarked on the tour that was brilliantly guided by the German Muller Martini salesman Peter Stein. We also really liked the fact that the machine presentations were introduced with music – that always gave a heads-up when a demo was about to start."

The visitors of Muller Martini booth at drupa were impressed with how the smart connectivity of print finishing systems enables top variability and flexibility as regards runs, formats and contents.