DLN Can Now Also Offer Its Customers PUR Binding


From drupa straight to Belgium's Wommelgem: DLN Binding will install the Alegro perfect binder, currently being exhibited by Muller Martini at its booth in Düsseldorf, immediately after the fair.

Ronny De Lannoy can look back on four decades of experience with Muller Martini systems. "Over all those years, I have gained in-depth trust in the global market leader for print finishing solutions, and my employees also have a great deal of experience with Muller Martini." That is why he also has confidence in Muller Martini at DLN, a company he established in 2015 with a workforce of 25. Three saddle stitchers (two Bravo, one Prima) and an Acoro A7 perfect binder are already in operation in Wommelgem. Thanks to a full order book with an Alegro consisting of a 21-station gathering machine, splitting saw for two-up production, an Orbit three-knife trimmer and a CB18 book stacker, he will be putting a second perfect binding line into operation on August 1.

This is the Alegro that Muller Martini is currently presenting to the public at its drupa booth in Düsseldorf. It was chosen because DLN often binds magazines at runs of 100 copies. "Then," says Ronny De Lannoy, "we need to rely on the fastest changeover times." What is more, DLN Binding can offer its customers an additional product segment in PUR thanks to the new Alegro. "It's hugely important for us because PUR is becoming increasingly important in Belgium," underlines the company owner.

Ronny De Lannoy and his wife Annick at the drupa booth together with Rudolf Müller (Chairman of the Muller Martini Board of Directors) and Luc Sonck (Sales Manager Muller Martini Benelux).