The Right Machine Information is Always at Hand with MPOWER

Muller Martini is presenting a revolutionary new customer portal at drupa. MPOWER not only enables efficient troubleshooting but also steps up process reliability and provides customers with integrated solutions as part of Muller Martini’s after-sales service. Muller Martini will also be demonstrating another tool for efficient machine operation at its booth – MMSupport Glasses.

MPOWER is web-based and can be used via PC, tablet or smartphone. The clear, central customer portal for the customer’s complete machine line-up ...
… enables more efficient, improved operation;
… provides current product information at a glance;
… facilitates quick and easy contact with Muller Martini’s support staff;
… allows direct access to machine-specific documents;
... connects machines and comprehensive information through a central, intuitive dashboard.

Live View, for instance, gives a current overview of the machines and provides real-time information about their performance and production status (production, malfunction, stop). Service support from Muller Martini’s staff is available at the touch of a button. Muller Martini specialists provide online support to customers. In addition to a status report of the current e-call, there is also an overview of the latest inspection and maintenance reports.

Thanks to MPOWER, customers also have direct access to all the technical documentation for their machine, such as the operating manual, spare parts catalog and electrical diagrams, as well as to the web store for spare parts in certain countries. The quick search function provides support in the event of malfunctions. That shortens and simplifies processes, and optimizes operating costs. Through greater proximity to its customers and a closer partnership with them, Muller Martini enables graphic arts businesses to produce more efficiently and successfully.

The new customer portal is an integral part of Muller Martini support agreements, which come with every purchase of a new Muller Martini machine during the warranty period. Whether or not MPOWER can also be used for older equipment depends on the technical state of the art of the given machine.

In addition to the new customer portal, Muller Martini will be presenting another service innovation at its drupa booth: MMSupport Glasses. The high-quality WiFi data glasses in trendy laser blue feature a microphone and headphones, and open up new possibilities of interactive troubleshooting to supplement the proven Help Line and Remote Line modules in the MMServices range. Customers can fix complex problems right at the machine together with Muller Martini’s experts. By visualizing the malfunction using live streaming technology, customers receive suggestions through the data glasses on how to fix the problem efficiently. Thanks to the video camera integrated into the Support Glasses, production processes can be analyzed in detail and targeted advice can be given concerning the production process.

MPOWER, which can be used via a PC, tablet or smartphone, not only enables efficient troubleshooting but also steps up process reliability and provides customers with integrated solutions as part of M