World Premieres and Other Innovations

In line with its key drupa topic of “Finishing 4.0”, Muller Martini is showcasing numerous innovations at its booth that optimize touchless workflows in the production of magazines, brochures, books, and newspapers.

The following are world premieres: the Primera MC saddle stitcher, the Alegro Digital perfect binder, the revolutionary InfiniTrim three-knife trimmer, the Ventura MC Digital thread sewing machine, three new SigmaLine functions, the open Connex architecture and two MMServices tools that boost process reliability – MPOWER and MMSupport Glasses. Other systems also boast innovative and game-changing innovations to meet the need for increasing connectivity. Please find below a brief overview of the systems and solutions being showcased in Düsseldorf.

Saddle Stitchers

Primera MC: The new Primera MC saddle stitcher, which is being premiered at drupa, enables extremely short processing times, resulting in maximum profitability, thanks to its innovative Motion Control Technology. It can be easily upgraded to the Primera MC Digital for the efficient processing of digitally printed products, providing the customer with high investment protection in the face of changing market requirements.

Vertical Pile Feeder: One of the advantages of the Primera MC is its new vertical pile feeder. It has three key (ergonomic) advantages for machine operators. First, the machine is fed from the front (instead of from the top). Second, it is around 20 cm lower than the flat pile feeder. And, third, the loading capacity of the signatures is around 40 cm (almost double that of the flat pile feeder owing to the reduced bundle pressure).

Perfect Binder

Alegro Digital: Muller Martini is showcasing a new, digital version of the highly successful Alegro perfect binder at drupa. It has two new, specific features: block thickness correction (the system independently makes adjustments from clamp to clamp and thereby compensates for book thickness deviations fully automatically) and the dynamic job change function (job changes within a size family are performed on the fly on a barcode basis, without the need for operator intervention).

Three-Knife Trimmer

InfiniTrim: Muller Martini is unveiling a new three-knife trimmer with a revolutionary drive, transport and trim concept at drupa. It impresses not only with its unit drive technology for all grippers and knives, enabling full size and thickness variability from book to book, but also ensures the correct positioning and, thanks to SmartPress technology, the ideal pressing of every single product fully automatically. The InfiniTrim comes into its own as the perfect inline companion to Muller Martini’s new three-clamp Vareo perfect binder.

Thread Sewing Machines

Ventura MC Digital: For drupa, an entirely new model – the Ventura MC Digital – has been added to the thread sewing machine range (consisting of the Ventura MC 160 and Ventura MC 200). It is coupled with a flat pile feeder, pocket folder/processing folder for products from digital sheet-fed or web printing presses (with a sheeter) up to a signature size of B2 and a speed of 9,600 cycles per hour, and ensures impeccable stitching quality (similar to digital saddle stitchers).


Diamant MC: A number of innovative and game-changing innovations to the Diamant MC bookline set new standards in hardcover production. The rounding, double backing and variable size application of the headband are now automated. That keeps exchange parts to an absolute minimum and further speeds up changeovers. The variable book cover feeder is now available in two versions. The Diamant MC Digital can be optimally adapted to the needs of bookbinderies for the production of both short runs and runs of one copy.

Newspaper Mailroom Systems

Flexible Opening Methods at the FlexLiner: Thanks to the new sword opening of the FlexLiner, inserts can now also be inserted into the center of (trimmed) tabloid and magazine products that do not have a low folio lap. Sword opening, as a FlexLiner option, is set up automatically.
 Inserts with an Overhang: Inserted products that have an overhang of up to 80 mm at the front have a greater advertising impact.

FlexFeed – Selective Main Section Feeding: With FlexFeed, a range of carrier products can be fed. Print products applied to the carrier product provide a unique way to stand out from the competition and allow for a creative product make-up.

ConnexWatch: The interactive WiFi watch that has been specially developed for the mailroom is another innovative form of support for efficient machine operation. The ConnexWatch assists the machine operator throughout the production process, ensuring that key information about the equipment is always right at hand. That prevents unnecessary downtimes. This solution is particularly attractive for mailrooms, which tend to be large, because the machine operator is not always at the central control unit.

Digital Solutions

SigmaLine Featuring Three New Functions: The SigmaLine digital book production system boasts three new functions. The top speed of the SigmaFolder II is now 1,000 feet. The newly developed on-the-fly format change function ensures that format changes are performed as a seamless, touchless workflow, without the printing press having to be halted or the machine operator having to intervene. VDP production is now also possible thanks to three new Connex modules.

Digital Workflow

Connex with New Connectivity Options: To enable touchless workflows, the Connex data and process management system now has standard interfaces to the systems of three partners: Prinect by Heidelberg, HP SmartStream Production Center and Switch by Enfocus. That makes integration with existing workflows even easier for Muller Martini customers.

Connex Featuring a New Interface: In addition to the new integration options, Connex is being equipped for drupa with a new user interface that makes it even easier for users to create and edit new jobs.

Variable Data Handling in Connex for the SigmaLine: In addition to “normal” PDF formats, the SigmaLine can now also process PDF/VT data to enable the production of variable data, with all the familiar advantages of the SigmaLine, such as digital page assembly of the PDF/VT data, production tracking and the automatic reproduction of ejected products.

Connex.Info 4.0: For drupa, Muller Martini is showcasing a new version of the familiar monitoring and tracking module. A wide range of reports and graphic analyses are now available to assist the user in comprehensive production tracking.


MPOWER: The revolutionary, new customer portal not only enables efficient troubleshooting but also steps up process reliability and provides customers with integrated solutions as part of Muller Martini’s after-sales service. It is web-based and can be used via a PC, tablet or smartphone. The Live View module, for instance, gives a current overview of the machines and provides real-time information about their performance and production status (production, malfunction, stop).

MMSupport Glasses: The high-quality WiFi data glasses in trendy laser blue feature a microphone and headphones, and open up new possibilities of interactive troubleshooting to supplement the proven Help Line and Remote Line modules in the MMServices range.  Customers can fix complex problems right at the machine together with Muller Martini’s experts.