25.08.2020 / Frank Baier

Creativity Generates Added Value

Be it intelligence board games, consumer and advertising articles, or notebook folders with a high utility value, graphic design companies are demonstrating inventive talent and creativity time and again. 

Analog board game for retailers
A retail chain aims to combine its current marketing measures for the regional company with a classic board game made of cardboard. Entitled "Heroes of Retail”, it introduces independent retailers to the innovations of an online ordering portal for the marketing program. 

The idea and concept for this gamification measure were devised by the Hamburg advertising agency GDS. The board game was manufactured by the relatively new game manufacturer LJ Edition from the German Hanseatic city, which specializes in board game editions in exclusive designs, special editions, and short runs. 

LJ Edition is a division of Langebartels & Jürgens Druckereigesellschaft also based in Hamburg. "Heroes of Retail" is a deliberate contrast to the online process and conveys the marketing objectives in a more entertaining manner than a manual. Within the game, the retailers roll their dice from the entrance to the checkout area through the departments of a supermarket. Using flyers or couponing campaigns, the aim is to win new customers or to push product segments. This elaborately handcrafted board game was sent to retailers in a matching mailing box with a customized address.

Smartphone charging case made of corrugated cardboard
Some companies are even frequently honored with awards for innovative print products. Last year, the display and packaging manufacturer Thimm, whose head office is in Northeim, Germany, received the "Promotional Gift Award" in the "promotional gift" category. The charging case produced by the company is a promotional item with added value for the hotel industry. 

The corrugated board cut can be used as a "Please do not disturb" or "Please clean room" door sign. The promotional gift for hotel guests also offers the advantage of a charging case, which is suitable for storing smartphones and smartwatches. Both the smartphone and the charging cable can be stored in the insert compartment. 

A holding device is also integrated for smartwatches. Using the mains plug, the charging case is fixed to the socket when charging. The promotional item consists of e-(finest) wave, the cut of which is easily "mounted" and can be printed on both sides. This opens up flexible design options for other industries seeking an environmentally conscious alternative to plastic charging cases.

Tablet folder as a print gimmick
The latest in-house exhibition of the company IST Metz in Nürtingen, Germany, included a special print gimmick that was developed and produced in house. Under the name of "Pad Book”, a cardboard folder was designed, which not only contains a classic print brochure and writing instruments such as ballpoint pens, but also an electronic tablet. 

At the same time, the company has taken the opportunity to apply various innovative UV/LED printing and finishing techniques in its production. IST Metz was awarded the German Design Award 2020 in the Print Campaign category with the following justification: “The extremely elaborately designed and produced folder comprehensibly reflects the 'Tradition meets Modernity' motto of the event . A beautifully thought-out gimmick that has a captivating noble look and combines many practical and useful functions." The graphic design supplier has won this coveted award for the second time in a row.

Frank Baier
Editor-in-Chief of "Bindereport"