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09.07.2019 / Hans Leuenberger

Welcome to the Mailroom Days at Oppermann in Rodenberg on September 23/24, 2019!

On September 23/24, 2019, Muller Martini is inviting you to take a look behind the scenes of Europe's most modern mailroom and experience at first-hand how Oppermann produces five daily newspapers and 50 weekly papers with a total of three ProLiner newspaper inserting systems in Rodenberg in northern Germany.

The Mailroom Days offer classic newspaper manufacturers and customers operating in the supplements sector an ideal platform for professional exchange and networking among colleagues. The event will be all the more interesting as Muller Martini won't be attending the IFRA World Publishing Expo newspaper trade fair this year. 

Muller Martini has decided to focus on customer events in the future, where it can give live and lasting presentations on the industry's top topics such as increasing efficiency, cost optimization and workflow solutions for all aspects of insert handling. Since we are convinced that a two-day trade fair cannot meet these customer needs, we have made a conscious decision not to attend the IFRA and instead look all the more forward to welcoming you to Rodenberg.

1.25 Billion Inserts Per Year
Oppermann Druck und Verlag GmbH & Co. KG is therefore particularly interesting because the renowned newspaper producer has considerably increased the cost-effectiveness of its newspaper inserting process with a single inserting machine under the “Replacing Two by One” motto. 
With a ProLiner from Muller Martini, we can now produce the same number of inserts as we did previously with two SLS3000 lines
says Werner Rohrsen, Oppermann's long-standing authorized signatory.
You can see for yourself at the Mailroom Days that these are not empty words. With now three ProLiners – two had already been put into operation some time before – experience live how Oppermann produces not only five daily newspapers, with a total circulation of 250,000 copies, but also 50 weekly newspapers, with a total of 2.63 million copies, for its own publishing house and external customers and inserts more than 1.25 billion inserts annually.

Seamlessly Interlocking Production Processes
The three fully automatic Muller Martini inserting lines, with up to 45,000 cycles per hour, each with 20 insert feeders, automatic main and pre-printed section feeding, and three FlexPack bundle building systems each, are loaded from the FlexiRoll buffer. They are controlled by the Connex.Mailroom control system for optimum production overview and seamlessly integrated production processes.

And this is the program we have put together for you: On Monday evening at 9 p.m., experience at first-hand night production of daily newspapers on the ProLiner 1 and 2, and throughout the day on Tuesday, continuous production of the weekly newspapers on all three ProLiners, which process both the Rheinische and the Berliner format. The mailroom specialists from Muller Martini and Oppermann will explain the entire insert management process to you.

Do not miss this unique opportunity and highlight September 23 and 24, 2019 in your agenda!

Hans Leuenberger,
Regional Director Germany/Switzerland/Direct Markets
Müller Martini AG