21.06.2022 / Robert Mumenthaler

On-Boarding at Muller Martini: Professional and Respectful

The first day in a new company is something special. You hope to get off to a good start and feel welcomed. My experience of joining Muller Martini: thanks to a professional and well-structured on-boarding program, I can look back on an all-round positive start. 

In fact, the first day at the new workplace was extremely pleasant. I wasn't even nervous, because the interview with the HR manager and my future boss, as well as the administrative support before the first day of work, were already very professional. In the interviews, everyone was relaxed and totally sympathetic, so I had no uncertainties. The mutual requirements and expectations were clearly communicated. And even in the first few weeks, the approach was always at eye level and very appreciative.

The first day began in a very classic way. I was able to set up my workstation, completed the photo shoot and received an initial briefing on the internal work processes. And I got to know the first employees. It was a bit of a shame that the office was not fully staffed in January due to the home office obligation in Switzerland at the time – that made the first day in the office a bit special. But the few colleagues present welcomed me very openly and warmly, and I felt welcome right away. 

Well arrived in the team
My role at Muller Martini since January 2022: Electrical Designer Technology Softcover. In the meantime, I have been well received in my team. There are 28 of us in Technology Softcover, including software engineers, designers and electrical designers. Muller Martini's complex and highly automated machines consist of many mechanical parts that are electronically driven or monitored and controlled or regulated. The areas of mechanics, electronics and software technology are therefore very closely intertwined. That's why teamwork is the key to successfully developing and maintaining such a machine and looking after it for years to come. I particularly like the fact that I work on high-quality machines at Muller Martini.

Right from the start, I had two coaches at my side who supported me during the induction process and were always open to any questions. I really appreciated the fact that I wasn't "spared". I was able to lend a hand right from the start. Since, among others, one of the employees will retire in August, everyone is very interested in me taking over his great know-how as comprehensively as possible. In the meantime, I have changed and maintained electrical diagrams, clarified and ordered electrical material, and have been able to tackle a wide variety of problem solutions of all kinds in the field of electrics and electronics in machine and control construction. At the moment I am adapting the complete electrical control system of individual machines so that they are compliant with European and North American standards.

Open corporate culture
In order to arrive so quickly and get to grips with the subject matter, you need structure. And here at Muller Martini, I experience this as extremely beneficial – in contrast to previous employers, where the work was not very structured. On the very first day, my boss explained the learning plan to me, which familiarized me with all the necessary specialist topics and departments within three months. Intensive working days followed with a lot of knowledge transfer and many new faces. I had to get to know the software and process tools used and, in the course of time, I also took responsibility for individual machines such as the Vareo PRO and Alegro perfect binders and the three-knife trimmer construction kit. In view of the huge amount of information and the diversity of machines and work tools, I will have to continue building up my know-how over the coming months and years.

I particularly like the open corporate culture at Muller Martini. You're on a first-name basis with almost everyone, yet I always experience the cooperation as respectful and professional. The structured processes make it possible to work efficiently with each other and facilitate communication and exchange between departments. I really appreciate that about my new employer. It was particularly enriching for my work that I was able to visit our production plant in Rahden (Germany) right in the first few months. It was important to get to know the machines produced there, but above all to meet the contact persons and employees. There, too, I met motivated and enthusiastic people who are fully committed and dedicated to "their" products.

Work-life balance
Despite this high level of commitment, which I also feel in my new job, I enjoy a very good work-life balance here at Muller Martini. The fact that I now save an hour and a half on my commute to work slows down my life immensely. After work, I'm no longer totally exhausted, but have the energy to go dancing again. Another benefit: I have more vacation days – what more could you want! 

So if you too would like to start your career at Muller Martini, I can only recommend it. Just check out our new career portal Shape the Future (German only) – maybe there's just the job for you.

Robert Mumenthaler
Electrical Designer Muller Martini AG
21.06.2022 Robert Mumenthaler Electrical Designer Muller Martini AG