21.05.2019 / Blerim Shala

CEO at Meet-and-Greet Event

At the end of March, the new recruits at the Muller Martini head office in Zofingen (Switzerland) gathered for a meet-and-greet event with our CEO. When the door opened and Bruno Müller, Managing Director of the Muller Martini Group, entered the room, I was surprised at how informally he greeted us.

I have been working at Muller Martini for just over a year now. I joined the Marketing Services department as a graphic designer. We are responsible for the company's worldwide communication activities and my job is to create the graphic and media inputs for them. 

When I received the invitation to the meet-and-greet event, I was immediately looking forward to meeting the senior boss of my new employer. All employees who have joined the company within a year get the chance to meet and get to know Bruno Müller in an informal setting.

When he entered the room, he took off his jacket and first offered us something to drink. The first snippets of conversation got going, there was laughter, and the mood was immediately casual and relaxed. First of all, Bruno Müller presented the history of the company. I was impressed with what the company founder Hans Müller had set up more than 70 years ago. His many great technical ideas and developments as well as his entrepreneurial spirit helped Muller Martini grow into a global corporation. Today, we are the top company in the market for print finishing. 

Impressive figures were also mentioned. For example, the comparison with the annual global paper consumption for graphic products. If you made a one-meter wide paper web, you could wind it around the world 33,000 times. Hard to imagine, such quantities of printed paper!

The change that the company has undergone in recent years was, of course, also mentioned. For us „newcomers“, this was an opportunity to dig a bit deeper and to ask about the still tense situation of the graphic arts industry. His answers were convincing. He described the difficult market situation and why our customers are therefore uncertain about making new investments. But he also explained to us the potential of the market with its now outdated machine base and our strategic orientation in offering these customers the right solutions. The conversation clearly showed his firm belief in the future of the printed product and the
graphic arts industry.

At the end, of course, we took the opportunity of asking questions and discussing with the CEO. Lively conversations then took place at the drinks reception that followed. A great occasion to get a closer idea of how Bruno Müller “operates”. I returned to my desk and the next upcoming graphics projects on my to-do list with a good feeling and a lot of interesting information about my new employer.

Blerim Shala
Marketing Services - Art Director
Müller Martini AG