25.02.2019 / Andreas Aplien

"And what's your solution?"

Our customers know that Muller Martini is the world's leading manufacturer of finishing equipment and they rely on a wide variety of machines from our company around the clock. However, only a few people know that Muller Martini is also the leading manufacturer of individual integration and workflow solutions for finishing.

Did you know, for example, that every day across the globe Muller Martini ...
... issues more than 100,000 signatures with it's own imposer?
... offers unique imposition solutions for two-up production on a roll, which is registered for a patent?
... manages VDP productions – i.e. productions with variable data – from PDF to the final product in its own workflow?
... creates roller accompanying sheets with print quality information?
... creates and then processes thousands of JDF and millions of JMF?
... also supports, in addition to JDF and JMF, Json and Rest API interfaces?
... offers professional workflow consulting?

If not, then come and see for yourselves at the current Hunkeler Innovationdays. In addition to its equipment, Muller Martini is also presenting its own Connex workflow system. And if you already knew all this, we also have some exciting new features and best practice examples in store for you.

Let one of our experts explain to you how the various, sometimes complex processes work at our stand. In addition to all Muller Martini systems presented at the Innovationdays, Hunkeler systems and an IGV (Intelligent Guided Vehicle) from Bachmann Engineering are also integrated into the various Connex modules.

"Experience the solutions of the future up close!"
With the modules from Connex, Muller Martini is showcasing the workflow solutions of the future at the Innovationdays – in keeping with the spirit of Industry 4.0 and Finishing 4.0. On the one hand, the focus is strongly on the integration of not only own systems but also of production systems from various manufacturers. The Connex.Info 4.0 module is responsible for reporting, monitoring and JMF integration, while the LineControl module tops off Muller Martini's broad base with pre-adjustment of production units based on a digital job ticket.

On the other hand, Muller Martini offers the superior smart workflow controller LineControl Pro for controlling complex workflows. LineControl Pro makes it possible to integrate and control complete production workflows from pre-press (with its own imposer) to printing (through printing press integration and control) and print finishing. To date, more than 50 customers worldwide rely on Connex's workflow management capabilities. 

Demonstration on real projects
At its stand, Muller Martini is demonstrating the capabilities of the Connex modules with two best-practice examples from real customers. On the one hand, several saddle stitchers of various ages are integrated via Connex.Info. On the other hand, Connex takes over the higher-level production control for two HP web printing presses, a Hunkeler Folder and two Presto II Digital units from Muller Martini. 

At the Innovationdays, Muller Martini, in collaboration with HP and Hunkeler, will be presenting an exceptionally comprehensive, end-to-end workflow with HP Piazza, HP SiteFlow and Connex LineControl Pro for the first time. See live how orders are created at the HP stand in HP Piazza and are transferred to LineControl Pro using HP SiteFlow at the Muller Martini stand. This workflow, which covers production management, order management (including reorders via Connex) and the integration of Muller Martini and Hunkeler, opens up completely new possibilities for our customers. Thanks to this workflow, products are manufactured seamlessly and efficiently, from ordering online to production tracking in printing and finishing, through to mailing.

At our stand, our experts will be happy to explain the benefits of an integrated workflow and will be available at any time for an in-depth discussion of our examples or your individual production process. We look forward to seeing you!

In our second trade fair blog tomorrow, you can read how many visitors came to the Muller Martini stand on the opening day of the Hunkeler Innovationdays in Lucerne and how the new endsheet feeder/Vareo/InfiniTrim solution for the industrial production of hardcover book blocks in runs of one, which was presented to the public for the first time, was received by our visitors.

Andreas Aplien
Product Manager Workflow
Muller Martini AG