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150 Stories to Marvel at

Three years - 150 texts: These are the key figures of our little anniversary that we are celebrating today! Because just in time for the three-year anniversary of the Muller Martini blog, we are publishing the 150th blog post. We are pleased that we not only amaze our readers with our articles, but also provide a lot of interesting information. And we are slowly building up a small knowledge database with them, because many older articles still arouse interest. This is proven by the continuously increasing number of clicks. 

Are you also curious which articles and topics are read most frequently? We show you in our current top 10 list.

Saddle Stitcher Market Slowly Recovering

One of the first blogs still arouses the interest of our readers today and has always shone with high click numbers. In it, we report on the background to developments in the saddle stitcher market, in which graphic arts companies are increasingly investing again after a long lean period.
# 1: 2744 clicks

Will there still be a Need for Printing Plants in the Future?

This blog post deals with the high level of uncertainty regarding the future of the printing industry that many customers feel. Will there even be any printers left in 2040? A look into the crystal ball...
# 2 1865 clicks

We've turned Two into Three – and are Taking it to the Hunkeler Innovationdays in Lucerne as a World Premiere!

With the end sheet feeder, which was presented to the public for the first time in 2019, the Vareo perfect binder/ InfiniTrim three-knife trimmer duo can be used to produce hardcover book blocks of the highest quality industrially in run 1. That this new solution is of interest to many is also proven by the fact that it made it into the Top 10 list twice - see #8.
# 3 1857 clicks

Finishing 4.0 - or: How do you get the most out of your Print Finishing?

Muller Martini's Finishing 4.0 development strategy has long since established itself in the industry. In this four-part blog series, you can find out more about the ideas and background to the topics of digitalization and the Smart Factory.
# 4 1637 clicks

Into the Future with "Connextivity

In print finishing, networking through integration is becoming increasingly important. With an associated high level of automation, graphic arts companies can take up the fight against margin pressure.
# 5 1303 clicks

Spare parts: Do you also rely on High Quality?

Even parts in our finishing machines need to be replaced or exchanged at some point. This blog post explains why it matters not only where the spare parts come from, but also what their quality is.
# 6 1290 clicks

Typical Muller Martini: Modular + Hybrid + 3-in-1 = Multifunctional

Producing offset and digitally printed books, carrying them together or preparing the next job at the ZTM - and ideally as much of this as possible at the same time. This is made possible by versatile finishing systems from Muller Martini.
​# 7 1282 clicks

"Do you offer this for Hardcover?"

As announced in # 3, here comes another article on the endsheet feeder/Vareo/InfiniTrim solution for the industrial production of hardcover book blocks in edition 1. The great interest shows that we have hit the bull's eye with this.
# 8 1279 clicks

The new Prinova – Focusing on the Essentials

Muller Martini launched the Prinova, a new 9000-cycle saddle stitcher, in October 2020. Before it reached market maturity, a long-standing customer of ours put it through its paces for months. 
# 9 1273 clicks

My Training as a Commercial Clerk

We rely on young, well-trained professionals and are therefore committed to providing sound vocational training. In this popular blog, a former apprentice reports on her training as a commercial clerk.
# 10 1226 clicks

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