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Perfetto Compensating Stacker
Perfect Bundles in Numerous Formats

The Perfetto compensating stacker can be used for integrated production in the mid-performance range. It forms the perfect stack in two-up and three-up production as well. The maximum speed is 16,000 cycles per hour. The universal size range of the Perfetto is tailored to the market-leading saddle stitchers in its performance class. The compensating stacker can be fully integrated into the saddle stitcher’s control or into external systems.

Quick and easy to set up

Size and bundle structures can be set up quickly and easily on the display. The compensating stacker can be fully integrated into the saddle stitcher’s control system via an interface. It can be optionally extended by the automated Amrys presetting system and is JDF-compatible.


Perfectly counted bundles every time

The in-feed on the Perfetto can be used for products of all sizes, eliminating the need for manual interventions, even for size changes. The minimal product drop distance from the stacking compartment to the turntable compartment guarantees perfectly centered and counted bundles that are layered and cross-stacked. Piles can be attached via an electrostatic blocking system for very light or slippery products, which substantially increases production reliability.

Gentle bundle handling

Thanks to the innovative ejection principle, bundles are reliably ejected from below. This reduces cycle times and bundles are ejected slowly and gently. An external camera scans print marks or postal codes, using this information to eject bundles to the left or right based on the mailing route.


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