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IFRA World Publishing Expo 2017

Under the slogan of Finishing 4.0 – Advanced Inserting, Logistics and Connectivity, Muller Martini have been showcased at IFRA how large insert volumes can be finished cost-effectively and efficiently thanks to smart connectivity using Connex.Info 4.0 and inserting system solutions, enabling you to boost your position on the insert market.


Newspaper inserts remain one of the most commercially successful print products. The insert market continues to boom, and the need to process huge volumes of inserts daily is both a great challenge and an opportunity. The connectivity of work steps is becoming increasingly important to allow the efficient processing and successful delivery of large numbers of inserts  to increasingly small zones.

Be impressed by our innovations. See for yourself, for example, how our high-performance feeder ensures the seamless processing of a wide variety of inserts.

Comprehensive life cycle management, as provided by Muller Martini’s MMServices, ensures the long-term cost effectiveness of your systems, optimizes operating costs and extends the life-time of your equipment by means of manageable investments. In addition, our extensive service support guarantees first-class product quality, added value and long-term profitability. Our MMServices experts would be delighted to meet you at the trade fair booth.

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Your strong partner.