That’s why Muller Martini

At Muller Martini, we promote a corporate culture of responsibility, reliability and continuity. We view it as our corporate responsibility to ensure the future of our business and our company for the next generation, taking account of social and environmental concerns.
Flexible working time

We have flexible working time models at our plants. Employees can put the additional hours they work in a work time account and use them later to take time off.

Work-life balanc

Finding the right balance between work and family is another basic element of our corporate culture. Work-life balance is important to us.

Attractive location

At our locations, we work with the latest tools – in assembly, in parts manufacturing and in our offices.

Promoting young talents

We offer a broad range of training and development offerings and promote training in technical areas, languages and work techniques.

Open work culture

We focus our activities on customer benefits. An open work and corporate culture is a prerequisite for seeking and finding innovative solutions for products and services in the interest of customers. We make no compromises with respect to quality, precision and customer service.

Global competence

We have a collaborative corporate culture based on working together in an honest, respectful and trusting manner. Thanks to our global sales and service network, we can ensure that our specialists are quickly able to help customers on-site around the world. We are a strong partner for the graphics industry.

Satisfied employees

Our employees are the backbone of our success. People are hired and promoted on the basis of their professional and social skills, corresponding qualifications and individual performance. The company supports equal opportunities and wages for women and men at its plants.

Volker Leonhardt, Executive Board Global Sales

We always expressly encourage our employees to come to us whenever there’s a problem. That's important for us to continuously improve. We believe in openness, mutual appreciation and respect.