Muller Martini Buchbindesysteme GmbH

Perfect binders and booklines are produced at Muller Martini Buchbindesysteme GmbH in Rahden (Germany). At this facility, softcover and hardcover specialists dedicate themselves to developing new and enhanced customer-focused book production solutions. In doing so, they ensure that the machine expertise of Kolbus, which has been acquired by Muller Martini, is secured and developed further and that customers will continue to receive support and high service quality.

The highly automated softcover and hardcover systems cover all production steps – from gathering the signatures to stacking the completed books. The specialists in Rahden plan, assemble and sell both individual machines and complex inline equipment. They work together with customers to analyze their individual requirements and work out sensible solutions.

If you would like learn more about our softcover and hardcover solutions, please contact the Muller Martini sales office in your country.

Muller Martini Buchbindesysteme GmbH
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