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Your strong partner.

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MMUptodate - Stay Up-to-date and Increase the Value of Your Equipment

Thanks to regular updates, your machine will remain efficient for years to come. This keeps your productivity at the highest level and increases your ROI and the resale value of your machine.

In addition, your Muller Martini system or machine is adaptable. As all systems are modular, you benefit from a wide range of options for retrofitting or even expanding your system. This way you remain competitive in the quickly changing markets. It often only takes a great idea and the right assembly or software package, which can be quickly retrofitted. Then you can soon offer your customers new services.

Systems that are at the cutting edge of technology are the foundations for optimum productivity. Thanks to current Muller Martini technology and an increase in automation, we can optimize the availability and process reliability of existing systems. By upgrading to new technologies, you not only avoid production errors due to spare parts that can no longer be delivered, but you also lengthen the life span of your system by many years. In addition, new systems save energy and extend the functionality of your machine – an upgrade can therefore pay for itself very quickly.

With Muller Martini, you receive advice, products, installation and commissioning from a single source – all tailored to your needs.

The Advantages

  • ROI optimization 
  • Broad product range due to Extended System functionality 
  • More econocmical use of energy 
  • Lower maintenance costs